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2004-07-19, Monday
Clark Willison
Jeff O'Donohue

Monday, July 19th. Today was spent mostly preparing for the parent presentation (midterm presentation), including a rehersal for the presentation in the afternoon. The morning was spent in groups, the stable glider team spent the morning making a one meter mockup of the two meter glider, the membrane design team spent the morning perfecting and testing more of their membrane designs, (especially to make their one meter stable glider fly...) and the mechanical support team provided much needed (?) support. Though the bulk of the day was spent preparing for the parent presentation, the morning was still somewhat productive.

2004-07-20, Tuesday
Daniela Buchman
Julia Lee

Today was very interesting. We had a short morning meeting to discuss how the presentation for the parents went and what each group’s goals were. The stable glider group was designing their final 3 foot glider. The mechanical support team worked on landing gear and helped all the other groups build anything they needed built. The membrane group finally has a stable 3 foot glider so they’re playing around with different options for tensioning the wing. At the end of the day all the teams gathered for a quick wrap up in which they told the other teams where they were in their design process and what they had accomplished that day. In the afternoon Bob Parks came in and talked to the team about various mechanical problems we'd been having and how to use servos effectively on our glider.

2004-07-21, Wednesday
Cameron Tacklind
Benjamin Sanders

We started the day with a big presentation from Axel about how we needed to get in gear to be able to finish in time. We divided up by tasks, each person got 2 tasks to be a part of. The final pterosaur was divided into tasks: Head/fuselage, membrane wings/flapping, control surfaces, pitch control, yaw stability, SolidWorks, documentation, calculations, and beautification. We also started a new timeline, one that we hope we will be able to follow.
After lunch, a couple of the groups got together to talk about all the different designs and narrowed the design down to the final design to be used. Discussions continued until the end of the day until we started our end of the day meeting. After that, we followed Steve Collie down to the Stanford Biomotion lab, where he had been all day scanning bones into CAD, and a couple of us stood inside the scanner and had our “pictures” taken. We were then able to see a 3D scan of us on the computer screen, and were able to rotate our scans.

2004-07-22, Thursday
Erica McCay
Eric Meltzer

The team came in ready to go with tasks assigned from the day before. Each group met with Axel briefly to discuss the day’s plans. The head/fuselage group worked on carving the head and fuselage out of foam. By the end of the morning, though, they realized they did not have adequate tools for carving the complex shapes of the pterosaur. Erica, Daniela and Pey-Jiun then set off in search of a hot wire, finally finding it in San Mateo. Meanwhile, PJ and Clark ventured off to Aero Micro in Cupertino, scouting for possibly useful parts. The membrane group continued work as usual on their 3’ wing span glider. In the afternoon, the shoppers returned and continued work where they left off. The head/fuselage group finished up the major carving on both parts and planned out the tasks for the following week. Other groups rapped up what they were working on and updated the timeline to the best of their ability. The calculations spread sheet was finished as well. Just before the end of the day, the team reconvened and discussed the day’s progress. The question arose of coming in the next day to continue work, but was not popular enough that it was worth while.

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